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On June 10, 2017, led to visit wuqiao 2017-07
On June 10, 2017, wuqiao county leadership to visit my company guidance, accompanied by the chairman Ma Dongsheng hong-gang wang, general man...
The handover ceremony of the vehicle 2017-07
The leaders of the 6.5-day broad group leadership and the city management of hengshui city, jizhou district, the city administration of the c...
On June 4, 2017, jingxian photographe 2017-07
On June 4, broad group warmly welcomed the staff of jingxian photographers association to visit the company to guide the study Previous: In...
In order to further promote the spiri 2017-07
6.3, yuanda group company ushered in the new round of badminton game, the first general manager made important speech, speech content mainly ...

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  • Dust suppression vehicle

  • Watering car

  • Main push product

    Hebei broad special automobile group company mainly produces the three series of vehicle, construction vehicle and special vehicle.

    1, sanitation product mainly has a clean sweep road car, car removable water sprayer, mobile compression garbage truck, compression type garbage truck, garbage, waste transfer station, dry sweeping car, vacuum sweeper, pollution, dung sucking more than 30 varieties;
    2. There are more than 20 varieties of engineering vehicles, including concrete mixer, urban refuse truck and dump truck.
    3.The special car mainly has the high-flying car, the car, the fire engine and so on more than twenty varieties.

He Bei Yuanda Special Purpose Vehicle Group

The company always adhere to the "broad mind, innovation quality, quality of the fear of" cultural ideas, focus on innovation, technology first, and constantly improve the technology level of every process of the reform, industry outlook, established a leading position in the domestic similar products to the domestic and foreign products, become a bright pearl by car.

He Bei Yuanda Special Purpose Vehicle Group Build a green city

He Bei Yuanda Special Purpose Vehicle Group is engaged in sanitation operations, integrated technology development, equipment manufacturing, automotive industry marketing and management development and production of high-tech, environmentally friendly company. Registered capital of 90 million yuan, with a total investment of 2.01 billion yuan, more than 3,000 employees, has three subsidiaries are:...

That's great! This "Jingxian made"

That's great! This "Jingxian made"

On April 4, technical personnel of Hebei big special car manufacturing Co., Ltd. carried on the operation drill to multi-function green sprin...

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